Volvic Touch Of Fruit Strawberry 750Ml

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Volvic Touch of Fruit Low sugar Strawberry Natural Flavoured Water 750ml Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry water is a refreshing blend of Volvic Natural Mineral Water with a touch of natural Strawberry flavour. Each bottle of Volvic flavoured water, refreshes like water & tastes like a touch of fruit. Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry, contains only natural flavours and is low in calories Our refreshing range of flavoured waters are great for any occasion, whether you need a pick me up, a tasty lunch drink or a low calorie evening meal refreshment. Available in 6 delicious low sugar flavours, try one today. Our 750ml sportscap bottle is perfect for on the go, keeping your refreshed throughout the day Our Volvic Strawberry water is 97.5% water; it refreshes like water, tastes like a Touch of Fruit

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